ONE HUMAN FACTOR, Blue sky latex


• Battery-Powered Noisy Electro •

Into the brotherhood of talented and disabled geniuses (Stevie Wonder, Stephen Hawking, Gilbert Montagné, Michel Petrucciani – uncheck as appropriate), please welcome One and his brand of noisy battery-powered electro. Unable to carry anything too heavy, One has turned his physical weakness into a musical strength by equipping himself with small lightweight machines that run on batteries.

In August 1996, One released a demo and played a couple of gigs in Vienna, Austria. Then… nothing else happened until the « Alpha Noise Fetishism » EP emerged in 2018. One’s influences – not always perceptible, but definitely present – are : Laibach, Kraftwerk, early Ministry, and Yasuhito Fujinami.

I'm the ONE ! The only ONE.

ONE Has Machines... ONE Loves Machines... ONE Adores Machines... ONE Needs Machines... ONE Uses Machines... ONE is a human factor... So ONE become ONE HUMAN FACTOR !!!!


Total enclosure T.M.I

Blue sky latex


Sexy lubrification

Gas masks extravaganza

Alone in an abandoned place